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He is my dream lover, my dream love,  my toxic addiction. His tantalizing words lead me to the edge of sanity. He plays with my senses, with my mind. He is a genius crazy maker, driving me to the darkest corner of my mind. As the crazy-making, intensifies, I react with despair, rage, and panic to his seemingly benign happenings or comments appearing the crazy one. He makes my reactive behavior the focus telling me, his friends and professionals (*gardai, doctor, psychotherapist) how crazy I am. But the truth is he wears ‘the mask of sanity’ which enables him to fool others and indulge his twisted crazy-making off me.

The first rough draft blog to book is completed. But the work continues. Take a peek.
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Eventide originally posted as Micro Chapters – A dark, profound psychological thriller; in the course of a year two people intertwine in two tales of passion and survival; duplicity and destruction.

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(*police, cops)

Meet the Author

Eventide Proem: First Moment


From that first moment, you feel the attraction, that it blissfully aches, and your body tenses for his, you are the mercy of another human being. Then finally, his body and face are so close to yours that you can feel his heated breath fill your lungs, and all of a sudden, you are lost in abandonment. And there he lies, right inside the void, filling it completely, filling it to the point that it’s stretching it, overwhelming you with infatuation, forming an addiction. Now you are adrift in the power of the craving, living on the edge. You are walking a tightrope.  Desperate not to fall and break into a thousand pieces.

My mind contained, I disappear in the hemisphere of his passion, his control, his destruction. I perilously walk the stretch of tightrope. As I approach the other end of the rope I desperately reach for the platform. I lose my balance and smash to the ground shattering into a thousand pieces.”

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Eventide – A dark, profound psychological thriller; in the course of a year two people intertwine in two tales of passion and survival; duplicity and destruction.

 I am working with  a wonderful editor Amy Scott and the book is now in development mode. I will continue to blog Eventide as ‘short stories’ to give you a flavor of  what’s to come. Eventide was originally published on Storytweetblog.com.

Eventide is a work of fiction based on a factual story.

Meet the Author Patricia Tsouros

Eventide 5 – Crazed Passion by Patricia Tsouros


I run faster and faster, my sides are burning, begging to rest. My hair clings to my face and neck, slick with sweat. He is getting closer. It’s dark. The only visible light is a dim green glow from the cracks and crevices in the walls.

I screeched as he grabs through the air, bringing me to a stop with his hand taking hold of my shoulder. The change in velocity causes us both to fall on our backs. He gets up and lifts me by the roots of my hair; My screeches resound all around us. I struggle to regain my footing. He takes hold of both my shoulders in an iron grip.

“You can never escape.”

His voice stripped of all care and love he once showed me. From the corner of my eye, I see a pile of rubble, if I stumbled over it, I could most certainly plummet to my death and away from this torture. I wake up screaming. A bloodcurdling, throat-wrenching scream. Gasping for air, I finally suck in as much air as I can. Deep guttural sobs rack my body.

“I am alone, and no one can save me.” My thoughts are terrorizing. My body drenched in sweat.  Chris enters the room,

“Aliki, you screamed.” his voice is urgent.

He lay down beside me his arms hugged me. Wrapped in his warmth my breaths long and shaky become calmer and match that of his. He cradles me in his arms.

“I am okay.” My body is trembling, I swallow hard, and look away from Chris.

“Why did you scream in your sleep?”

The room shrouded in darkness except for a thin veil of grey light creeping through a slim gap in the curtains belying the blustering storm outside.  I could not tell Chris, how anxious I felt about our relationship, of his power. Every time I challenged his behavior, he dismissed me, and his demeanor intensified.

I replied, “I don’t know. Maybe I had too much Chablis last night, and it played on my mind. I am okay honestly. Don’t worry about me.”

Chris kissed me, drew me closer to him. He always knew how to capture my senses. Entombed in the serenity of the room, intrinsically intoxicated by his lips, his mouth, his tongue, I kissed him back with broken abandonment. He deepened his kiss sliding his tongue between my lips, breathing life into my strangling soul. He slipped his arm around my waist pulling me on top of him. My body writhed from the touch of his hands on my thighs. He moved to caress my bottom. His mouth gently kissing my smooth neck, slowly moving tasting every part of my tanned skin to my breast. He stroked my nipples, sucked one nipple while his fingers pulled and gently twisted the other. I moaned and held his head. I gave his neck a lick and a light nibble, reaching down grasping his cock. It was hard as a rock, a total turn on.

“Take me in your mouth.” he croaked

I kissed his chest, stopping at a nipple and running my tongue over the soft piece of flesh. He sucked his breath in sharply… I continued downward, running my tongue along his skin to in his belly button around the head of his dick.  He moaned and dug his hands into my hair, thrusting his hips forward slowly coaxing his dick between my lips.  I took him deep into my mouth, swirled and pulled,  he moaned firmly pushed his hips against my mouth. I gagged as his dick knocked the back of my throat…then he pulled away. I crawled up along his contour; they pressed naked bodies together on the on the sheet, he with one hand under my head and the other stroking along my belly and teasing my clit with his fingertips.

Our tongues flicked to touch; I sucked and lightly bit his lower lip. His cock was firm in my hand. He let out a moan and pushed against my hand as I rubbed up and down his shaft. Chris moved me to sit over him. I lowered over his hard cock, holding it in my hand stroking it over my clit, grinding my hips, moaning. I whimpered as he played with my breasts, tweaking and pulling my nipples with his fingers. His hips were thrusting against me raising me up slightly and very slow and gradually lowering me onto his cock pressing my weight against it until he was inside. He groaned reached down and found my clit with the tip of his thumb. His fingers moved against me, and his tongue swirled around the tip of my breast, encompassing my nipple, my body, and mind in ecstasy. His cock was deep inside, and he thrust hard and fast, as his fingers increased the speed and pressure. I sat up straight as he manipulated my sensations. The tension built, his fingers moving more quickly on my clit as I rode up and down his shaft lost in the feeling. He looked deep into my eyes intensely watching as I cried out, and he thrust harder. He pulled me onto him, chest on chest. He thrust faster and faster…I throbbed and cried out just as he liked, and with a driving thrust he let out a loud gasp, now rooted he ceased to pump. His penis throbbed inside, and my clit squeezed as I continued to jerk and shiver with the intensity of the orgasm.
I lay against him, breast to chest, My face buried in his neck and his hands stroking my back involuntarily jerking with every touch from the powerful sensation of our intimacy.

“You’re so good in bed that’s why I can’t let you go,” he said with brazenness.

“You are fucking with my head,” I said silently looking up the ceiling.

The continuing caress of his hands up and down my back kept me at the moment, blocking any doubts that I could not go on being with Chris. His heaving penis continued to whirligig inside me, he lovingly planted little kisses all over my neck. I rolled my lips over his teeth to his earlobe giving it a tug. His arousal heightened he took control of the situation pulling out he turned me onto my stomach and entered from behind. In that position, every inch of my clit could feel every inch of his cock.

“Oh God, I am going to cum again.” I cried out.

“Good I want you to cum for me over and again, just the way I like it.” He groaned.

He penetrated slowly, caressing every inch of me as I moaned and grabbed a pillow. He reached for a nipple, pulling and twisting it. I squirmed and whimpered as he probed with his cock. Carefully he pressed into harder into me. I arched. Pushed my back against him as he pumped me. He blew hot breath on my shoulders I cried out, unable to keep it in. His thrusting was faster and harder, intense. I reached down grabbing my clit. He pumped with no respite, pushing his hardness deep against my cervix. Just as I exploded in an orgasm, he let out a loud cry, buried in me, his legs shook, his heart pounded, he collapsed against my back shuddering.

The curtains now are slightly drawn just letting in a hint of light in the room. The rain is beating against the windows, the music playing gently in the background, stretched out on the large sleigh bed wrapped in lush bedclothes I cried. I was in elated and in despair; my emotions at odds, I did not know what to do. I was unstable, disorientated scratching to hold onto my sanity. Chris was messing with my mind profoundly pushing me over the edge. Just as I would lose my footing, he would catch me just before I smashed into the ground.

I could hear him downstairs in the kitchen. I jumped at the clap of thunder and flash of lightning. It was a horrible day outside. “I can’t face another week of this shit.” I thought “ I have to confront him, I just have to.”
Wrapped in the sheet, I crawled downstairs to Chris. Before I entered the kitchen, I peeked in to see what he was doing. Wearing his dressing gown, he was making a pot of tea. Feeling apprehensive I went in and before he could say anything I blurted.

“Chris, I can’t keep going on like this.”

He looked at me attentively, as I continued,

“I have no idea what’s going on anymore. I am struggling to keep going. Look at me? I don’t eat anymore, I see no one. I have no confidence. You absorb my life. Please, Chris, I can’t cope anymore.”

I begged moving close and taking his hand our eyes locked tears streaming down my cheeks.

“It’s tough to form a plan to leave in a storm.” he starred past me at the pounding rain against the window pane.

I was startled by his response. He pulled his hand away, picked up the tray with the tea and cups.

“What are you talking about? Look how I just made you feel. We are going to be together forever. I love you bitch.” he cajoled. “Stop being such a baby and come up to bed.”

More Eventide Chapters

Eventide – A dark, profound psychological thriller;  two people intertwine in two tales of passion and survival; duplicity and destruction.

I am working with a fantastic editor, and the book is now in development mode. I will continue to blog Eventide as ‘short stories’ to give you a flavor of what’s to come. Eventide was initially published on Storytweetblog.com.

Eventide is a work of fiction based on a factual story.

Eventide 4 – Dying



The sun was unusually high in the sky for nine a.m. in Dublin. I saw the wicked gleam in Chris’s beautiful hazel eyes that heightened my anxiety. Suddenly my stomach churned. My body was drained. I was spent emotionally and physically. What was he up to now? I could not cope with his emotional blitz of my life anymore. I never knew when or where or how that blitz was going to happen. The siren would always come when it was too late after he ambushed me.

We were on our routine drive to Toranfield House, just outside Enniskerry village in Co Wicklow, to visit our psychotherapist Mary. Chris organized the therapy, realizing that I was ebbing closer and closer to a breakdown. This visit was our sixth in just ten days. Chris striking at the core of his crazy making suggested I was not stable; I needed to be institutionalized.

We stopped as usual at a quaint coffee shop in Enniskerry so that I could get my morning wake-up staple, a weak and extra hot latte to go. I had to hide it in my bag as I entered the clinic; they had a strict policy that no substances were allowed in, including coffees or teas. We came off the highway and continued along a quiet, narrow, windy country road, and the jeep just brushing against the hedge growth. Toranfield was hidden behind large electric gates, then a long driveway engulfed by lush country growth eventually leading to the building. Chris parked up, we stretched out legs as we embarked, made our way to the entrance and pushed open the unlocked glass door entering the building. As usual, we made our way into the consultation room down a corridor, at which time I retrieved my precariously placed latte from my handbag.

We waited a few minutes for Mary as she was slightly delayed. I cupped my latte in my hands, sipping it slowly, as we sat there in silence.

“Is your latte hot enough?” Chris asked me knowing I like it piping.

I nodded. He caught my chin in his hand and turned my face to his.

“I love you. I never wanted this to happen.”

“What do you mean?” I implored.

I sunk my head down to my knee my arms stretched out tightly cupping my latte.

“I can’t take it anymore Chris. You’re killing me. I can’t cope.” I snuffled

Mary arrived as Chris was extolling,

“I am sorry. It will be okay. I promise I will look after you.”

“Good morning. I see you sneaked your latte in again Aliki.”

Mary smiled gently. She was probably one the most intuitive, kind people I had ever met.

“So how are you both today?”

To my astonishment and without respite Chris immediately released a fresh batch of artillery. He could not cope with me anymore, I was pulling him down, I had destroyed his business, and I made too many demands on him. He fired them out one after another without catching a breath. The blitz was on full attack. He wanted out, never wanted to see me again, but he could not go, could not leave me as I was threatening to destroy him. God help him!

“Ohhhh no,”

I whimpered, not believing what I was hearing, my heart pulsating wildly against my chest. This attack was an entirely different sentiment to the one he shared on the drive. He was concerned about all the weight I lost. All he wanted was to have back the old Aliki whom he first met. He would help me, and be my soul mate. Chris kissed me and held my hand on the drive telling me how he loved me more than anything in life.

As tears welled up in my eyes, I dropped my face into my hands, the tears evolving into wailing. Chris tucked in close to me on the small couch, stiff and upright, not a flinch, not a flicker, entirely still. The air was thick, suffocating me. A moment suspended and another. I felt the soft touch of Mary’s hand and her gentle voice,

“Take a deep breath, you will be okay, I will help you. Just tell Chris how you feel about what you just heard.”

As my pulse gradually resumed its normal rate, I slowly turned my face to him.

“Look at me please,” I asked.

He turned to me, his eyes frozen like blue ice. I swallowed hard, and in a ragged breath I gasped,

“You can go. Do you want to go?”


The sobbing mucus was catching in my throat, my mouth dry, I struggled to get the words out,

“Then go.”

Chris hesitated, shifting, the heat of his arm against me abated, his eyes fixed on his clasped hands resting on his knee.

I heard the Mary sternly say,

“You heard her. You can go.”

“Will she be okay, I need to make sure she will be okay,” he asked

“She will be, I will take care of her.”

Chris pulled himself up from the couch; tears once again welled up in my eyes; he was leaving me. I looked up as he lingered for a couple of seconds; his eyes softened he bent down and kissed me on the lips, whispering,

“I love you. Sorry.”

I fell forward, rocking my body and sobbing, I felt like I was drowning in a tidal wave of blackness.

“Just leave, leave her alone. Stop giving her mixed signals. If you are going, just go.” Mary admonished him.

He faltered at the door.

“You know I did not want this to happen.” He implored.

Miriam stood up and walked to the door opening it for Chris,

“By the way, Chris just before you go. You should give Aliki back her money. Organize it through a friend of hers. Don’t make contact with Aliki again, please.”

My face buried in my hands I heard the door open and shut close.

Then he was gone. I screamed,

“Why did you make him leave?”

“I did not make him leave. He left of his accord. He had the choice to stay or go, and he went.”

Her voice was gently firm.

“You don’t understand; he will come back, he always does.”

“Not this time, this time, it’s over, and he is gone. Aliki. Trust me you will survive this. You will.”

I was inconsolable. I scrambled for my mobile in my handbag, found it, and started to dial the number.

“Don’t do that. He won’t answer. I saw it, and I heard him. He was clear. It’s over, and he wants out. Let him go.”

“No, he does not go, he can’t be gone.”

I called Chris. The phone rang out. I called again, and again the phone rang out. Sobbing hysterically, I surrendered my mobile as Mary carefully took it from my hand. She put her arms around me and hugged me. She hugged me tightly and lovingly, as I choked on the thick mucus from the sobbing. I slumped into her arms.

For what seemed like an eternity, I fought for breath. My mind spiraled out of control into a tidal wave, and my body trembled with the fear and terror of losing Chris. There were no words spoken; there was only the sound of my sobbing. Mary hugged me in consolation. Suddenly, my mobile rang. I grabbed the phone; it was him, and I answered. Overcome with emotion, I could not get a word out.

“Hello, hello, Aliki, can you hear me?”

I replied, “Y y ye yes.”

Instantly just like a balloon the air-filled my lungs releasing life into my body. Just like a junkie Chris’s voice was my methadone calming my desperation.

“I am sorry, I should not have left you like that. I am coming back. I will pick you up. I promise I will look after you.”

Unable to comprehend what was going on, I handed the phone to Mary. She was terse with Chris, saying,

“You’re playing with her emotions. I would prefer it if you did not pick her up. I have suggested that she stay here for the day.”

She paused as Chris spoke, and then I heard her words;

“Well, if you insist and she agrees, there is nothing I can do to stop her.”

She handed me the phone, saying,

“Chris wants to collect you when you are ready; it is up to you if you want him to do that; there is nothing I can do to stop it. But please I am pleading with you don’t go with him. Let me help you break away. I can see what’s going on. He is abusing you, your emotions your life. Please don’t go with him. Stay with me. I will get you through this. I promise.”

Her words went over my head.

“Yes, come and get me.” I blurted and hung up my mobile.

“I told you he would call; he would not leave me.”

I was pulling my hair around my face, rocking back and forth.

“Aliki it’s only going to get worse. You won’t come out of this in one piece. Please just try.”

“He won’t let me go. I know. He never does.”

“He is sending you all kinds of mixed messages. Can’t you see it’s driving you crazy? I can’t believe his behavior today.”

My mobile signaled I had a text message. It was Chris letting me know he was outside.

We continued talking for another few minutes.

“I am shocked, and this is dangerous for you.” she pleaded. “He is dangerous; you have to work at finding the strength to leave him. Please come and see me again tomorrow, but without Chris. I don’t want to see you both together anymore. He is now manipulating your recovery and your ability to let him go. He is even trying to manipulate me, and I won’t tolerate that. I want to see you on your own.”

I was sinking into a dark hole. I did not know what to believe.

“He won’t let me go. He won’t ever let me go. I have shown you how he has never let me go.” I cried.

“This will end very badly for you, I will help you leave him, do you want that help?”

In desolation, my body was shaking shivering

“I will ask Chris if I can come alone. I am longing for that serenity we once had.”

Mary shook me gently,

“The only serenity you will ever feel again will have to come from you. You are clever and strong enough to get away. Aliki you need to tell him. Tell him you are coming to see me tomorrow on your own don’t ask him. Don’t give him any more power. “

“Okay.” I whimpered, dragging my slouched weary body from the couch. Mary took me in her arms and gave me a hug.

“Take care of yourself. You deserve it.”

Chris held my hand during the drive home, intermittently taking it to his lips and kissing it. On the way, he made a detour to Powerscourt Hotel insisting that he wanted me to eat.

“You look frail. I want you to start eating. I want to make sure you are okay. I love you.”

Despondent I was not able to read the menu. We had eaten and stayed at the hotel on some occasions, so Chris knew what I liked on the list. He ordered me the crab salad and a chicken dish for himself. The food arrives, and the ache of the knot in my stomach tightened as it was put down in front of me. I pushed the food around my plate.

“Please eat something.” he cajoled me.

“I can’t eat. I don’t know what’s happening anymore. I don’t understand what you are at.”

“I love you, but you are terrifying me. I want you the way you were. You act crazy now. I don’t know what to do.”

“I am not crazy. You heard Miriam. I am like this from the way you treat me, play me around. You are fucking with my mind. I don’t know why you are doing that.”

“I am not,” Chris replied meekly

“I am going to see Mary on my own from tomorrow. She does not want you there anymore.”

I felt Chris catch his breath, the blood drained from his face, his eyes flashed with anger.

“Now that you brought it up, I have been thinking. Miriam is the problem. I hate therapists. Ever since we started seeing her, our relationship has deteriorated. I want to love you the way I did, but I can’t as long as you see her. I want us to stop seeing her.”

I looked at him. Tears were welling up in his eyes. I shifted my look at my plate. He watched as I played with my food.

“Aliki, if you are good and eat your meal, I will take you somewhere beautiful for the weekend.” Chris smiled and leaned over giving me a kiss.

“You promise.”

“Yes, let me see you eat your meal, and I will phone and book the hotel. I will book a suite. No one looks after you like I do. You can depend on me. You don’t need Mary.”

Each day with Chris created more confusion and despair compounded in his behavior. There was no respite from my tortured mind. And right now he was tightening the stranglehold. I gulped down most of my salad.

I arrived home. I was alone. I headed straight up my bedroom, kicked off my heels, went into the bathroom and ran a bath. In my usual habit I did not bother to shut the bathroom door behind me, wearily I stripped. I ran the hot water. I stared at my reflection in the mirror, watched my tired eyes, drawn mouth, gaunt face dissolve in the misting mirror emanating from the steaming hot bath. My mobile rang. I went into the bedroom and retrieved it from her bag. It was Chris. I did not answer. I went back into the bathroom placing my phone on the ledge, lifting a leg over the side of the tub, I eased my foot into the bath. I let out a hiss and pulled my foot from the scalding temperature. I eased into the hot water, the heat arresting my senses. I leaned back and closed my eyes, falling into a trance.

I gingerly touched the bruises on my throat flinching from the memory of Chris’s beautiful hands wrapped around my throat as he thrust deep into me. He squeezed hard; his jaw clenched, and the veins protruded at his temples. The edges of my vision darkened as blazing flares popped like flashbulbs before my eyes. My lungs screamed in agony. It felt like the inside of my chest was being scraped with a dull knife. Chris exploded inside me, flopped down on me. My eyes slid to the back of my head, inhaling my breath I heard a whisper,

“That’s what I love about you, your craziness especially with sex.” then I lost conciseness.

I opened my eyes a shiver running through her body recounting Chris’s words. In front of me was a razor blade. My mind was mashed with conflicting thoughts.

“I will take the razor and slit my wrist, watch the blood drip by drip turn the water red.” repeated in my mind.

I flinched from the piercing pain as I struck the razor through my vein. I watch as the blood crept from my vein, and dripped into the water. Abruptly my mobile rang, I mechanically picked it up and answered.

“I was calling you. Why didn’t you answer?”

“Chris.” I sniffled, “I am losing my mind. I think all I want to do is die. I need your help.”

“Well, I called you earlier, and it did not suit you to answer. Right now I can’t talk. I am busy. I’ll call you later.”

He hung up. I cut into my body, this time on my calf watching the blood running from my body, exorcizing Chris. The torment building as I cut again, the lacerations a stinging sensation that grows to feel like a blaze. I find myself returning to my body, every cell expands, flooded with electrical shock waves. I gasp for breath, then howl in pain. I can see Chris hovering over my body like a vampire, his beautiful hazy eyes peering down, wickedly sucking on my veins tasting my blood.

Eventide – A dark, profound psychological thriller; two people intertwine in two tales of passion and survival; duplicity and destruction.

I am working with a fantastic editor, and the book is now in development mode. I will continue to blog Eventide as ‘short stories’ to give you a flavor of what’s to come. Eventide was initially published on Storytweetblog.com.

Eventide is a work of fiction based on a factual story.


Eventide 3 – The Moment.

Coffee. Beautiful Sexy Girl Drinking Tea or Coffee

I noticed that Chris watched me every time I took a sip of coffee. Amused and in devilment I intermittently held the mug to my mouth taking long sips, deliberately slowly running my tongue over my lips, subtly teasing him. Raising his eyes from my lips, he captured me in his heated stare. In that room, at that moment we were in our own compass, a different zone from the others. It happened to us both at the same time, in the same space. We were witnesses together to a virulent attraction, about to ride the roller-coaster of our crusade.

Eventide originally ‘Micro Chapters’  a factual fiction thriller; a dark psychological, erotic thriller, profoundly unveiling the serrated edges of the mind. I am working with a wonderful editor Amy Scott and the book is now in development mode. I will continue to blog Eventide as ‘short stories’ to give you a flavor of what’s to come. Eventide was originally published on Storytweetblog.com.

Eventide 2 – August Heat contd..

Artist - Anita Rozentale @Artfetch.

Artist – Anita Rozentale @Artfetch.

Chris  made love to  me like a warrior touching on a deep sensuality bringing me to thundering painfully pleasurable arousals. He instinctively perceived my desires, my fantasies, and he generously gave. I begged, I screamed, my body shook, climaxed driven by his passion, by his darkest pleasures.

Our lust heightened from the garage incident Chris booked a suite in the hotel. In a true seductive fashion, Chris who had his computer and jaw-box with him set the tone with background music. I freshened up in the bathroom, removed my knickers from under my dress making me feel sexy. I left the bathroom into the lush living area. A bottle of champagne on ice had just been delivered by room service. Chris popped the cork and slowly poured two glasses. I moved close to him. We said nothing. God . . . I still swooned at his look, his soft cheekbones and winged brows, the intense blue eyes, and those lips . . . perfectly etched to be both sensual and wicked. He smiled sexily sending a shiver of anticipation through my body. He pressed his lips to my lips, my body burned for him. He kissed me passionately, deeply. Never before did a kiss rock me to the core like this one, in that instant he took me to Narnia. He pulled back picked up the two glasses of champagne and handed me one. He clinked my glass and he murmured,

“You hit me the instant I saw you through that window. I couldn’t look away, I wanted you immediately, desperately.”

I took a sip of champagne and kissed him sharing the sweet taste.

How could I not have known that there’d been more to our first encounter than I’d realized? That the Presidential campaign meeting was more than just stumbling in, that it was fate. Chris’s words from the meeting flashed through my mind.

“Presidential campaigns are dirty, they seem to change peoples lives, impact on peoples lives forever. So now is your opportunity to leave, if any of you here feel you can can’t hack it.  Not tomorrow or the day after, you need to leave now. This is the beginning to a  potential life changing event.”

At that moment I smiled, thinking how he loved the drama. Right now his statement was feeling like the truth.

Cupping my bottom with his spare hand, he urged me tighter against him, put his glass to my lips. I stood limp, arms slack, hand loosely holding my glass, powerless to my attraction, my longing.

“When I entered the room, and there you were, right where I’d wanted you. In that minute, I had a half-dozen fantasies about what I was going to do to you when I got you naked.”

He took a sip from his glass, our eyes locked, he then dripped champaign on my lips. I succulently ran my tongue over my lips. I shivered languishing his next move.

“When I first saw you I thought wow sexy. And then from your performance at the meeting I thought wow sex with you would be screaming, sheet-clawing amazing.” I retorted “You turned me on.”

“I picked that up.” he said, leaning down, taking my glass from hand and placed both the glasses on the table behind him.

His hands slid up either side of my spine causing me to scintillating lurch.  I looked into his eyes and saw how tightly reined he was, what a shadowed soul he was. He oozed power and hunger and control and demand. At that moment somewhere inside me, I knew he would take me over.

Chris’s hands hugged my shoulder blades and pulled me closer until our foreheads touched.

“No one has ever attracted me so impulsively like you do. You’re the only one.” he murmured.

My throat tightened painfully from my gush of rapture.

With a soft groan, he sealed his chiseled mouth over mine, stealing away thoughts, with a lush, deep kiss, . . I pushed my fingers into his hair to hold him still and kissed him back, my tongue sliding along his. Then to the background of ‘sexual healing’ his body mirrored mine and in a moment he caught my dress and pulled it over my head, and it fell to my feet.

I stood there nude in his silent, intense gaze only wearing my red stilettos. He pressed against my body kissing me intimately moving his hand between my legs. My body rocked with passion. My nipples erect and moisture between my thighs. Catching my shoulders he moved me slightly away from him bringing his mouth to my swollen breast. His tongue curling around my nipple, sucking it inside the wet heat of his mouth, as a strangled plea erupted from my throat.
In my headless I lolled, my eyes closing helplessly as he moved me over to the king sized bed, laying my full length upon it. I went to remove my shoes,

“Leave them on,” he ordered, “Open you legs, I want to see your clit.”

I lay back, stretched out my legs and fondled my clit. He urgently removed his clothes, all the while his eyes firmly fixated on mine. He pulled down his pants and like a jack in the box his large hard dick jumped out. I reached out my hand to touch it.

“No.’ he said sternly taking a small step back.

He walked to the bottom of the bed and crawled up over me his dick hitting against my leg and thigh, then lingering on my clit. He placed his hands behind my shoulders and arched over my body. His mouth was taking over from where it left over never broke its fierce suction; his tongue never paused in its tormenting flicks of ecstasy. Then he sat up his hands stroking the fire that raged through my bloodstream, his strong fingers stroking my side, my hip, my thigh, growing steadily closer to the agonizing ache of my clit. I cried out from the overwhelming pleasure, from the hollow, intense ache from my clit that grew more powerful with every touch.

“Masturbate for me.” drifting to my ear, nibbling on my ear lobe, he groaned,

“Stand up on the bed in your shoes.”

He moved to my side. In a steamy haze I obeyed standing up, I wobbled, the heels sinking into the soft bed clothes were not making it easy for me to steady myself. Chris grabbed my tights and steadied me.

“Stand over me so I can see you play with yourself.”

His eyes in a blazing stare, I responded positioned myself and as he held onto my tights as my fingers moved and fondled clit,

“Harder, Harder.” he demanded his breathing deepened.

I went harder and harder at it as he commanded. I climaxed over and over again until I could take it no more falling onto him begging him to let me stop. I wanted him inside me. At this rate, I was close to dissolving from the electric pleasure before he ever got around to coming inside me. I didn’t  protest, the intense sensations he was igniting in my body and my mind, were too much for me to lose. Finally my psychical energy sapped I flopped down beside him, taking his cock in my hand. He moved his fingers to my damp mound, his hands pressing on me as I rubbed my hands harder and faster along his cock. He pulled my hand away, and caught my breath as his lips traveled down my stomach, my abdomen, his tongue licking my flesh, the heat of his lips searing my skin.

His mouth touched the head of my mound. He pulled my legs open between his head. My body frozen, honed to a fever pitch of anticipation, the heat of his tongue hit my clit, and I went into an immediate rapture. He moved deeper, pressing my legs further apart, his hot breath like a whiplash of sensation against my clit. My body shuddered with climax after climax. Suspended on a rack of torturous pleasure, I could do nothing but shudder violently as his tongue swiped over my flesh with overwhelming force. His tongue pressed inside me deeper and deeper soothing and inflaming me, sending me into an orgasm of delirium. I screamed, twisted against his hold, fought his hands anchoring my legs apart, pleaded for him to ease the storm riding mercilessly thought my body. My hands tightened in his hair pulling him, tugging at his head, his eyes gazed up at me black with lust, his face flushed

“I want you inside me,” I begged

“Come inside me.”

He rolled up beside me.  I was shattered with the excess of sensation still surging through me, but still hungered for more. I couldn’t control the need, the fierce throb of desperation.

“Are you ready for me?” he purred looking at his throbbing cock.

Thick veins pulsed with blood, the flared head glistened, flushed a ruddy red and eager for attention.

“Sit up. I want to watch you take me.” he said as he pulled himself up and sat on the edge of the bed.

“Kneel down and take me baby.” he tasked.

I sat up slowly, moved to the floor and knelt down at his feet, my eyes focused on his demanding cock as it came closer, closer, to my mouth. Within seconds, he was nudging at my lips as a harsh, male groan wrapped around my senses. I took the head of his cock, tasting the wild, salty essence of him. I let out a low unbidden moan my finger wrapped around the lower portion of the shaft, and the other tentatively touched the taut spheres below.

“Oh wow,” he groaned, his hands threading through my hair, clenching the strands until small darts of pain began to flicker along my skull. “That’s good, baby. So good.”

I stared up at him dazed, poised on a pinnacle of arousal I had never known before. “God yes,” he hissed, as I sucked his cock deep into my mouth, my tongue stroking him as my hand moved on the steel-hard flesh. I brought my eyes to his face and watched, entranced, as ecstasy consumed his face; his eyes partially closed scintillated as he fought to breathe. I drew on him, sucking him as deep as I dared, loving the rasp of his breath, the way his fingers tightened in my hair with his pleasure. It was more than just arousing. It was destructive to my senses, to my emotions His thighs tightened at the caress, his abdomen flexing with a convulsive shudder.

“That’s good,” he bit out. “Suck me deeper, baby. Just a bit harder…yes…”

His body racked with fierce tremors. I could feel the hard flexing of his cock in my mouth and beneath my hand, see the taut contours of his stomach.

“Alike” he hissed, thrusting his erection deeper into my mouth now, flexing hard against the back of my throat.

“Baby, I’m going to come,” he warned me hoarsely, both hands pulling at my hair.

“Can I come in your mouth.”

“Yes, yes—,” I exclaimed.

His hands gripped my hair hard. He held me still as he penetrated even deeper, as relentlessly moved faster and faster as he swelled against my tongue and in the depth of my throat. I choked, moaned, signaling my need for his release, the desire to taste him and to catch my breath

“Now.” He moved faster, with a desperation that heightened my arousal. I tightened on him, sucking harder, drawing him deeper until a ragged, almost enraged growl tore from his throat a second before his release began spurting inside me. Deep, hard jets pulsed from the head of his cock. I fought to swallow each jetting spurt; he held my head down on his cock. I gagged, I struggled for breath, but he did not budge. I moaned, his hand firmly pumping my head for every last sensation.

I was shaking, exhausted, yet my body still ached. It was a hollow, haunting pain.  I feared now that I felt his passion, his craze, I would never stop wanting it. Chris slowly pulled out pulling me up to him. I licked my lips wearily, tasting the essence of him. He took my face in his hands, his eyes staring somberly into mine as his thumbs smoothed along my cheekbones, then gently caressed my swollen lips.

“You’re like a narcotic,” he whispered. “So powerful, so damned addictive”

Warmth exploded through my veins. His touch and look filled with heated hunger.

“Chris—- I gripped his wrists, feeling the strength there as he leaned forward, caressing my lips gently with his, I could not say anything more. As though he knew what I was going to say he whispered,

“Shhh, baby, we’re not done yet,” he soothed her, his voice tight, a harsh growl that eased her, that assured her that her pleasure had only heightened his desire. “It’s okay; Aliki you deserve to be loved properly. Now, I get to build you back up. I’m not done with you by a long shot. We are in this for the long haul.”

And with that he kissed me, threw me on the bed, on my stomach and with the palm of his hand he slapped my bottom.

He stroked a finger up and down the crack of my butt, driving me crazy.I whimpered like a captured animal as he pressed a finger against the tiny coil of my butt,

“Take it” he panted as he pushed his finger deep into me, my body shivered and palpated. When he had me squirming he turned me over onto my back pushing me hard down on the bed.

“I am going to fuck you now, hard and deep. You will beg me to stop, but I won’t. The more you beg the harder I will fuck you, as I will know that deep down you will want me to keep fucking you.”

He grabbed my legs over his shoulders, and he effortlessly slid into me, I gasped at the strength of his hard on. He filled me, he lifted me higher to move deeper and harder into me, my hips writhing bucking and gyrating to his thrusts. I flexed the muscles of my legs to squeeze him closer, at that moment I felt him deep in my soul. Exactly as he said I begged him to stop and he continued harder. His face reddened by the flow of blood from the heightened sexuality, he let go of my legs leant over placing his hands on either side of my shoulders, trusting his hips hard and fast as he moved relentlessly, I bite his nipples heightening his desire, his orgasm erupted all over me. An explosion of emotions I had never felt before overwhelmed me. He flopped on top of me, kissing me, his lips lingering on mine.

“Jesus Chris you know how to fuck a woman.” I sighed.

For a few minutes he said nothing. Then he put his mouth to my ear and said

“Remember if you are a good girl, this is only the beginning, I am all yours.”

I drew in a slow and shaky breath. I was seduced by the smoldering look in his eyes, the provocative tone of his voice, the heat of his body, and the mouthwatering scent of his skin. Like a first hit of heroin, I was addicted to Chris.

Inside me, something sighed with happy surrender and my body went lax with pleasure that I was his. I craved him so deeply it was a physical ache. If anyone else had attempted to seduce me the way Chris did and within hours of meeting, I would’ve have said NO.

For the rest of the evening, we ordered room service. I phoned my mom to make sure she could hold onto the dog for the for the night, and Chris phoned his mom to make sure all was oaky. We had no one to go home to so it was easy to linger in the suite. We ordered room service dinner, more champagne and talked. We talked about the campaign, our lifestyles, our most intimate thoughts, kissed and cuddled just like two young lovers. Then we snuggled into bed wrapped in each other.

‘You know I don’t ever sleep in the same bed with a woman. I always sleep alone.” Chris declared

“Why not?” I asked,

“I like to sleep alone. I am not your usual man.” he chuckled, “Why do you think, I am not yet married. I always escape. I have a feeling with you it is going to be different.” he hugged me tighter.

“So when you had relationships what did you do?”

“After we had sex I always went home or they went home. Or if we were away I booked a twin room or separate rooms.  You are special, I have met my soul mate.” his voice wandered

“The last hours have been extraordinary, yes we are soul mates.” I smothered him with tiny kisses all over his face. Locked in each other, in a cocoon of enraptured oblivion we fell asleep.

Eventide 3 – The final part of August Heat – Thursday 5/2/ 2015

I am working with a wonderful editor Amy Scott, and the book is now in development mode. I will continue to blog Eventide as ‘short stories’ to give you a flavor of what’s to come. Eventide originally published on Storytweetblog.com as ‘Micro Chapters.”

Meet the Author

Eventide 1 – August Heat

I am working with a wonderful editor Amy Scott and the book is now in development mode. I will continue to blog Eventide as ‘short stories’ to give you a flavor of what’s to come. Eventide was originally published on Storytweetblog.com.

Please note the nature of the story contains explicit sexual content.

I remember the first moment we caught each other’s eye. It was about two o’clock in the afternoon, end of August. The sun was streaming into the elegant but shabby Georgian drawing room bouncing off the glossy pine floor one story high from the main hallway. I was wearing a simple sheer body hugging silk Rick Owens dress under which I only wore my knickers. My legs bare bronzed from the Ibiza sun absorbed during the summer holidays. I glanced out the tall window onto the street as we waited for the last person to arrive for the meeting, the public relations advisor. I watched life pass by below, as the sun cast its amber haze across the buildings. Then suddenly he came into my vision, and he caught my stare. He was tall, broad, elegantly dressed in a grey pinstripe suit and bright pink tie, distinguished by a receding line of silver hair. He was approaching the house. He stopped and looked up, caught my eye. He paused for a moment and then he smiled at me. Not a big haughty smile but a gentle boyish smile that would wrap the most discerning around his little finger. Slightly disconcerted that he caught my gaze I did no react. I moved back into the room over to the antique chest of drawers placed against the wall on which tea, coffee, refreshments were laid out for the meeting. My back was to him as he entered the room. I could hear his stride. He advanced towards the Candidate patting him on the shoulder, attracting his attention. I turned to the candidate as he greeted him.

“This my dear is Chris Kennedy. My PR guru,” the candidate boomed, then gave him a hug.

We were at this Victorian house at the behest of the Candidate, who was putting a presidential campaign team together. It included a lawyer, strategist, election agent, personal assistant, road manager, administrator and Chris the troubleshooter. I was there in my capacity as a fundraiser.

“So you are the infamous PR guy who has kept us waiting today?” I mused

I reached out my hand to him but instead of taking it he leaned in and kissed me on the cheek whispering in my ear,

“You are wearing no bra.”

For that moment, he intensely held me in his eyes a beautiful soft hazel blue.

“Ah, but I am wearing underpants. Sorry about that.” I retorted bemused.

He placed his firm, but delicate hand behind my neck drawing me into him,

“When I looked up, I  caught your silhouette in the window I could see through your dress, wow your sexy.”

My skin tingled as the strength of his grip capturing my gaze.

Slowly his hand uncurled from around my neck,

“So you are the fundraiser. We will need to work closely together if we are to have a successful campaign. I need the money to run the campaign, and you need the good PR to raise it.”

The background chattering grabbed our attention to the rest of the group now taking their seats on two large cozy brown leather sofas facing each other. Chris poured me a cup of coffee and handed it to me. I took a sip of the lukewarm coffee and cupping the china mug in my hands I went over and sunk into the soft leather next to the election agent. In those short few minutes that we engaged, Chris had got my attention. He had flair and panache mixed with a brashness that caught my imagination. He pulled over a big  chair positioned against the wall and placed at the top to the meeting. He was taking control affirming his place in the campaign ranking.

I watched him warily as he powered the meeting, dismissing with absolute confidence any interaction he did not wish to entertain. A high forehead and a slightly aquiline nose gave him a strong look, softened by his frequent and gentle smile. I reckoned he was late forties.

The Candidate allowed the environment to grow in which Chris could intimidate and insist on control of the strategy, and the means of building that plan. He allowed Chris to become progressively more outrageous in his comments.

“You can Fuck off and keep your mouth shut.”

He bellowed at the election agent when he gave an alternative view on a subject point. I was intrigued by his obstinate attitude and behavior. The election agent was a courteous, if a little cocky, gentle natured man who was a close confidant of the Candidate. He appeared ill at ease with Chris’s control of the meeting. I noticed that Chris watched me every time I took a sip of coffee. Amused and in devilment I intermittently held the mug to my lips taking long sips, then deliberately slowly lick my lips, subtly teasing him, gazing back at him. Chris and I were from the moment we set sight of each other in a different zone from the others in that room. It happened to us both at the same time, in the same room. We were witnesses together to a virulent attraction, about to ride the rollercoaster of our crusade.

The election agent dropped me home at about five pm after the meeting. He was very disturbed by Chris’s behavior.

“I think you need to talk to the Candidate about it, not me.” I suggested when he broached the subject. I was reluctant to enter into any discussion about Chris’s manner at the meeting.

I had just thrown off my shoes poured myself a glass of Chablis when the mobile rang. One of my hangovers from my involvement with the fashion business was the oversized tote into which I had a habit of throwing everything I thought I needed. I searched around for the mobile but could not locate it. Whoever was calling was very persistent. Frustrated I turned the bag over and dumped everything on the couch. My mobile came tumbling out. I grabbed it and answered. It was Chris.

“Would you like to meet me for a drink?” he asked

“Thanks but no I am tired and settled in now.”

“Are you sure. You might enjoy it.”

“I am sure.” I chuckled.

Before the conversation ended Chris advised me that he was planning the first team meeting for the next day, and he would let me know the details.

As I put my mobile away, I wondered how he had my number. Alone in the large three story Georgian house except with my dog, I wandered around absorbing the magnitude of the place and once again questioning the logic as to why I was living here. The dog Jasper barked drawing me away from my thoughts; I immediately understood he wanted to go out. I quickly put on his collar, slipped on my shoes and took him for a run in the little park next to the house.

It was chilly, so we did not stay out long. I arrived back, made my way up to the bed with the bottle of Chablis to cozy up and watch tv in bed with Jasper.

The next day………..

I woke to a  ringing mobile. It rang a number of times before I groggily realized it was mine. I reached out picked it up just as it went silent. My hand continued dangling the phone as I lay in bed staring at the ceiling. Suddenly it rang and I checked caller id it was Chris. It quit ringing. Within a minute it rang again, and I finally answered, my voice unsteady,

“Hello,” his voice boomed


“Yes of course. Now get up lazy bones. We are meeting in an hour.”

“We are? What time is it?” I replied tiredly.

“It’s seven am and yes. We are having breakfast at eight and then following up with a meeting I arranged which will be helpful to your fundraising.”

“Do you always plan stuff without asking?”

“Just with you babe. See you in Wallace’s Taverna in the Italian quarter at eight clock. I look forward to it.”

Hours later…………

It had been a long day of acrimonious campaign meetings culminating with Chris’s animosity for the election agent reaching a crescendo with,

“I will fuck you out the window if you don’t shut up.”

As the day grew more and more tense so did the sexual tension between Chris and me, it was palpable it bounced off us both.

“You have been driving me crazy all day long.” he exclaimed putting his arm through mine.

“Oh, so it’s my fault you were like a bull all day?” I replied laughingly.

“ You are incredibly sexy. I can’t wait to kiss you.”

“You are presumptuous.” I retorted jovially.

The meetings over, the day’s butchering completed, time was now ours. We moved towards the back of the long car park where Paul had parked in one of the three darkened alcoves, so the jeep was not visible to the rest of the car park.

We hesitated at his car.

“My car is just over there.” I pointed to it just on the other side of his in a line of parked cars.

“The Porsche?”

“Yes. I love it. The engine is under the driver’s seat so that I can feel the roar of the engine on my bum. Love that roar.” I giggled.

Chris’s eyes darkened, his lids lowering slightly as his gaze dipped to my mouth.

“You are amazing.”

I bent my head, bringing my lips close to his. “What now?”

I said tantalizingly.

He stared at me for a few moments. I watched his jaw as it tensed then without warning like a maverick, he pushed me up against the car, pulling my bag out of my hand, dropping it at my feet. He locked my arms over my head. I was his prisoner. I closed my eyes and felt his breath on mine as his lips devoured mine. He moved his hips forward, I felt his hard cock against my groin, and I gyrated into him, moaning longing to feel him inside me.

Our tongues locked together as his hand moved along my body. I that instant I wanted him so badly.  I craved his touch. I groaned as he unlocked his grip and his hands moved under my blouse under the lacy fabric of my bra and caressed my breasts. I writhed under his fingers as they skillfully worked my nipple, pulling and twisting. Suddenly we could hear activity, so we stood very still, our bodies tight against each other the eroticism of the moment heightened.

Frozen in that spot Chris in silence inched his hand along my thigh and brushed against my underwear grabbing the g string pulling it tight into my clit. I jolted upright as he rubbed me harder and harder applying pressure on my clit. My head fell back. I dug my nails into his body. Slowly his finger entered me then he started slipping it inside at an agonizing pace. I let out a muffled groan. Chris grabbed my hand placing it over my mouth suffocating any sound. I ground my hips into his palm, imploring for more as he pulled his finger out and pulled back.

“Don’t stop.” I breathed I reached down in a frenzy unbuttoning his pants, shoved my hand down  and grabbed his huge hard-on. I ran my hand up and down his rigid shaft. His breathing quickened. He had a huge cock, I angled my clit into him rubbing myself up against this cock.

“Oh yes.” he moaned

He thrust two fingers back in hard and deep. I grabbed his hair in rapture. His strong palm stroked my clit as he worked his fingers in and out, pulling on the g string burning into my clit. Stifled moans fell from my lips, my body systematically shuddered and twitched as organisms blasted my body. I bit into my hand to stop from screaming as the ripples of pleasure cascaded through me. I gulped for air, trying to catch my breath as the aftershocks of my clit squeezed his finger.

“Oh God Chris” I breathed

“Shhh.” He put his finger up to my mouth. I sucked and ran my tongue around his finger mumbling,

“I have never felt this intensity before.”

“This is just the beginning.” he whispered planting gentle kisses on my face,

“Let me show you how beautiful you are Aliki to make love to you as you deserve.”

I nodded helplessly, wild for his touch, my clit aching for him, held within the aroma of the musk and heat of his body.

“You are going nowhere. I am going to book a suite in the hotel, and I am going to love you till it hurts till you can’t breath anymore. I want to come inside you.”

My legs buckled with the surge of desire.

“Yes oh, yes,” I begged.

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Eventide a factual fiction thriller; a dark psychological, erotic thriller, profoundly unveiling the serrated edges of the mind.

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